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This page is dedicated in loving memory to

Cheyenne Rose Kaiser

Psalms 116:15
Precious in the sight of the
Lord is the death of his saints.

Beloved daughter of Matt and Linda,
Little sister of Maddie and twin sister to Seth.

Cheyenne "DinkyDoo" was born May 25,2001
and was tragiclly taken from her loving
family June 12,2002, Just 18 days
after celebrating her first birthday.

Cheyenne fell victim to a common household
death trap, Window Blinds.

Maddie, Seth and Cheyenne Easter 2002

My good friends Matt and Linda and suffered the greatest
loss one could experience,The loss of a child.
A loss that would not have happened if the makers of
the blinds cared enough to make their product safe.

In 1995 there was a decision to try and make mini-blinds
safer by re-designing the pull cord which raises and lowers
the blinds. But the pull cord was not the problem
in Cheyenne's case. It was the cords that run through
the window blinds itself. Three inter-woven cords,
an outside cord,inside cord and a center cord.
The center cord is very strechy and can be pulled
out to make a noose shaped loop. This loop is what
killed little Cheyenne. She pulled it out and got her
head through it and before anything could be done,
Cheyenne was gone.It has been determined that
it took only 4 miutes for this to happen!

Since June, Matt and Linda have been searching for
parents who have lost their children in corded window products
and the results have been appalling.

Parents for Window Blind Safety Inc.
Is a Non-Profit organization that was started
November 2002 to educate America about the 5 ways
a child can die from window covering products.
If you have a child that has died from window
blinds or ANY window corded product please see this
site and DO NOT get rid of the blinds or curtains.
The CPSC needs these product to determine
the defects in them.

Another misconception is that this only happends
to toddlers. This is not so. The oldest child we have
found that has died by this household deathtrap was 12.
So you see, no child is safe as long as parents are not
educated about these dangers. If you are a parent and insist
on having window blinds, PLEASE visit
Parents for window Blind Safety which has illustrations
showing the 5 ways a child can die from 1 pair of
window blinds and Installing the locks that can be
purchased from the blind makers do not make them 100%safe.

**PLEASE NOTE** Installing these devices do not
make the blinds "safe" there are many ways a child can
be injured or even killed in blinds besides the cords themself.

The only safe blinds are the ones NOT in your home!!

Parents for window Blind Safety

Yes, window blinds help keep the house cool,they may
even keep the sun from reflecting off your T.V
or computer screen but one thing is for sure....


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Have a comment on the dangers window blinds pose to
our children? Please post them in our new discussion forum.

Parents For Window Blind Safety Inc.

Matthew 18:14
Even so it is not the will of your Father which is
in heaven, that one of these little ones should perish.

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Cheyenne,Mackenzie and April's stories are not rare cases.
This happens on average of every TWO weeks!
This is a non commercial, non profit site...

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