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What I do on the weekends!

Hey! Whats up? My name is Cari Autumn Partin. I am a 16 year old JuNiOr at Portageville High School. I drive a 2002 silver ZX2. I'm not single, I am goin out with the greatest guy in the world. Martin Andrew Hensley(Bubba). I love Bubba more than anything in this world. We have been together forever. He means so much to me. I dunno what I'd do without him. We already have our plans made to get married after high school. There is nothing in this world that can keep us two love birds apart. So all you bitches can forget about it. Just like everyother couple we fight sometimes. We have had some bad times but we have had more good times. I am so glad I met Bubba. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I'm not in any clubs at school because I can't stand the way our school works so I don't have anything to do with it and I don't play sports this year. I have one more year until I am a SeNiOr and I can't wait. I plan on attending ASU to become a physical therapist. I have plenty of friends and they should know who they are cause I'm not takin the time to name everybody, except my sweetheart. I love you baby! I'm easy to get along withn as long as you don't act stuck-up, like a bitch, or an asshole. Well thats all I got to say for now. Check back later for more updates.

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