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Hi, my name is Brittany . I play the drums in  the high school band at my school . I have blonde hair and blue eyes . and I am a dumb blonde. I am 12years old . I am going into the seventh grade . I like to dance. I like to listen to music . and hang with my friends . and talk on the phone . my friend and I like to go riding in her golf cart . and I like to chat online with my friends . thees are some of the movies i like . A Walk To Remember ,Halloween Resurrection , Jeepers  Creepers 2, Texes Chainsaaw Massacre, Legaly Blonde , Legaly Blonde Red White & Blonde. I also like to go to the theaters .I like to play vollyball. I want to be a dentist and have my own dentist office someday. my  friends are Abby .m. ,Jessica .m. , paige .m. , Emily .f. ,Chelsea .b., Chelsey .t., Ashlei .t. STephanie .r. , Matt .l. , Seth .c. , Austin .f. ,Logan .e. Jhonathan .b. , Robert . m. , Nathan .g. Well theese are all of my freinds. I also like to shop for clothes and shoes. Well this all