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Britt's Page

Hey Ya'll! I'm pretty much just a simple gurl from Bernie. Im really short, I have brownish blonde hair, and greenish eyes. I have a lot of frinds so ill name a few. Here are my ones from Bernie: Stevens, Kristin Eaves, Ibbie, Sami, Holden, Jared, Cluck, Amber, Fergie, Leslie, Tyler, Levi, Adam, Manda P., Jevan, Dougie, Miranda and i forgot ya tell me! From Dexter: Heather, Megan, Patty Matt Banken, Matt Lilly, Matt Ray, Tyler Scott, and Ward! From Malden: Angelica, Ashli, Megan, Clay, Kyle, Jeff, Heather Hewitt, Paul Hewitt, Kylee, Liz Mullins, Chandy.

My Favorite Web Sites