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When this whole thing started out people apprantly kina liked it when we told them about this web site and our band. apprantly... no one gives a flying shit anymore. All we have have been getting ever since July was a bunch of shitty notes saying how much we suck. they were all directed at the singing and the drum solo. critisism is always good, but at some point we get the point and you just need to stop. i have no clue how the whole school knows about it but it is a pain. not just ppl i dont know but friends and the sarcasm is getting annoying. please, let us start the year off in a friendly manner and just leave us alone. The site will resume once we have imrpoved the singing and maybe the instermentation. so for me (Ran) and mike and jonathan just let us enjoy PALY and let us figure the whole situation out.

Renagade (Ran, Mike, and Jonathan)