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Disclaimer: I do not own any characters you recognize and many you don't. I only own Marcie, 'cuz that's me!

Conrad: Truth or Dare! Truth or Dare! Truth or Dare!
Marcie: Shut up, Conrad!
Conrad: You're just upset because we won't let you ask Sirius out.
Marcie: But I'm the author, I should have the right to.
Sally: And I'm sure you're upset about the three extra Makeshift Marauders.
Melahnie: Hi!
Flash: Hi!
Nec-n-Eck: Hi!
Marcie: Remind me again why we're gonna be scaring the heck outta the Marauders with three more people.
Melahnie: Well, I asked.
Nec-n-Eck and Flash: And we were requested by our own adoring fangirls and our real selves have no idea that we're in this.
Sally: Y'know it's creepy when you say the same thing at the same time.
Nec-n-Eck and Flash: So?
Marcie: Stop it!
Nec-n-Eck and Flash: Why?
Marcie: Because we're leaving now.
Conrad: Truth or Dare! Truth or Dare! Truth or Dare!
Nec-n-Eck, Flash, and Marcie: SHUT UP!
Conrad: Fine then, be that way.
Marcie: First Voldie, now you. (A/N: from one of my Oddness stories) Let's just go already.
Sally: Hey, where's Pettigrew?
Marcie: He's suspiciously absent, like in the fifth book.
Padfoot: Naw, he's just in the Hospital Wing.
Moony: He "conveniently" had a stomachache a few minutes before you arrived.
Conrad: Were you responsible or was it self-induced?
Prongs: Self-induced.
Everyone: (Laughs)
Moony: So who are the extra people?
Melahnie: I'm Melahnie from Indonesia! (A/N: inside joke, if you don't get it don't even attempt to)
Flash: I'm Flash from the U.S.
Nec-n-Eck: Me too!
Padfoot: You're Flash, too?
Nec-n-Eck: No, I meant that I'm from the U.S., I'm Nec-n-Eck.
Prongs: Okay then -
Marcie: -let's get started!
Conrad: Great, it's leaderific Jenny times two.
Marcie: Marcie.
Conrad: Whatever.
Sally: Okay, who starts?
Everyone else: How 'bout you?
Sally: Fine, Sirius, Truth or Dare?
Padfoot: Dare.
Sally: Kiss Snape. Just a peck on the cheek.
Padfoot: [Censored (because this is PG)] NO!
Conrad: You have to!
Padfoot: Can I switch to Truth?
Flash: No!
Marcie: Can't we make an exception for him?
Melahnie, Conrad, and Sally: NO!

A/N: Poor Padfoot, having to kiss Snape. You'll find out what happens when I get off my lazy butt and type up the next chapter (I've got it written already). Guess who the adoring fangirls are, there are two and I'm not one of them. I'll may or may not tell you, it all depends on if they threaten my life or not.

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