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by Abby Lampe (Me)

The perfect guy isn't that perfect at all.
He's the one who knows you.
You don't think you can live without him,
And that's actually so, so true.

You didn't think he looked so great,
Until you looked into his heart.
Dang, now he's the hottest guy you know
And you never want to be apart.

He does what he can to cheer you up,
Even when he could just pass you by.
Then he asks you what's wrong.
Touched and upset, you begin to cry.

His smile alone brightens your day.
When he tells you to be happy and smile
You stop and grin right there and then.
He doesn't know it, but that just made your day worthwhile!

You're happy and content when you're around him,
But so akward and shy, too.
You'd love it so much for him to like you back,
But, why would he ever like you?

Your heart starts pounding when he merely looks your way,
With those intense, intriguing eyes
That seem to read your every thought and mood.
Now that, that's not so typical of guys.

How could this just be friendship?
How could it not be meant to be more?
No! We can't be "just friends."
I mean, I've never, never met a guy anything like him before.

I wish my wish could be granted.
I wish he could be mine.
But it'll never happen, better girls than me like him.
I wish I was first in line!

I wish his hand was mine to hold.
That his hugs meant anything, anything at all.
Anything more than friendship,
And that he'd be the one to call.

But no, it'll never happen.
Not with someone as good as he.
Because miracles like this rarely happen
Especially to me.