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by Abby Lampe (Me)

There is this hug, it's a hug I love.
It's the hug for all emotion.
No matter how I'm feeling, it has a positive effect.
Whether I'm happy, sad, angry, hyper, still or in motion.

When I'm happy it just makes me much more so.
And the same goes for when I'm proud.
The Hug just makes me glow inside and out,
Makes me want to shout out loud.

When I'm sad it dries my tears
Or sometimes makes more.
But they're not sad tears exactly.
They're tears that proove loving The Hug is a real chore.

When I'm perfectly content it makes me ecstatic.
Words become mindless babble as they go in one ear and out the other.
Now I'm bubbly, perky, and happy inside.
The Hug is no longer just a hug from my "brother".

When I'm angry my mood changes drastically.
In the time I'm enveloped in The Hug, I go from mad to glad.
When The Hug leaves, I watch him leave and ponder what happened.
I stand there and think to myself, "This is so rad!!"

When I'm depressed and just standing around,
The Hug comes over to see what's wrong.
That just makes me feel so special and visible.
I'm not surprised I broke down the day we kind of said so long.

When I'm hyper and I'm bouncing off the walls,
The Hug gives me reason to stand still.
I can't help it, I'm addicted to The Hug.
It's like he's some kind of pill.

Now I never see The Hug anymore, except on certain occasions.
Haven't gotten his special hug since we sort of said farewell.
I guess I'll have to wait a year, maybe even not that long.
Because if I do, it'll be like a temporary sentence in Hell.