Ruhiyyih Khanum vs. Mason Remey

Most Bahá'ís are told that when Shoghi Effendi died in 1957, the Guardianship ended forever. God had "changed His mind" about the Guardianship. Most Bahá'ís don't know that there is a Living Guardian on earth today: Jacques Soghomonian.

How did the Guardianship end?

Most Bahá'´is are told that the Guardianship ended because:

1. Shoghi Effendi had no children.

2. The Aghsan (descendants of Bahá'u'lláh) were all Covenant-Breakers.

This is NOT true. There was one Agshan (by adoption) who was not a Covenant-Breaker, but a Hand of the Cause at the time of Shoghi Effendi's death.

His name was Charles Mason Remey

Let me tell you WHY I chose him over Ruhiyyih Khanum.

You was Khanum who decided that "God had changed His mind" about the Guardianship.


I'll tell you.

Let us compare some FACTS about Ruhiyyih Khanum and Mason Remey:


1) Shoghi Effendi died in London of the flue, in 1957. When Khanum heard the news, she sent out a cablegram to all the National Spiritual Assemblies stating that Shoghi was "gravely ill". Only three days after his death did she send a cablegram that he had in fact died. Khanum LIED to Bahá'ís, telling them that Shoghi Effendi was "gravely ill" while in fact he already was dead, and she KNEW he was dead. Why the delay? Perhaps to get into the safe and re-seal it? Perhaps to formulate a "plan" to make her the de facto Head of the Faith and not Mason Remey.

2) Only one person had the combination to Shoghi Effendi's safe other than he, his wife. She had access to it, and could have done with his Will anything she wanted; except forge it. Better throw it away and say, "Hey, there is no Will!" than try to forge one.

3) Khanum threatned to kill herself or go into exile to Tibet if the Hands of the Cause did not agree with her and sign a document saying that God had "changed His mind" about the Guardianship and ended it forever.

4) Khanum had the habit of using the term "pussy fart" in Persian; which bespeaks of her great spirituality. If somebody said something she disagreed with, she's say (in Farsi) that that argument was as useful as a "pussy fart".

5) Khanum once asked her husband (Shoghi) what would happen to the women on the International Bahá'í Council (Khanum was a Member and Remey was President) once it became the Universal House of Justice, and Shoghi told her they'd have to go. She jumped up from the table, started to cry, and ran out (this was witnessed by several Hands). This meant the Khanum would be completely out-of-power when the UHJ was formed out of the then-existing IBC (International Baha'i Council).

6) Khanum "invented" out of whole cloth the concept of "Custodians" of which she was the first of equals. Even after the House was elected, she ran the Faith. She wanted power, and lied and threatened to get it.

Pure and simple.


1) Shoghi Effendi gave Remey Bahá'u'lláh's locks of hair and congealed blood-drops; the most sacred relics in the Faith. 2) Shoghi Effendi appointed Remey President of the International Bahá'í Council; which Shoghi called one of the most imporant events in Bahá'í history. The Council is now downplayed to a role "merely to represent the Faith to the Israeli government". That's a LIE, because they never did nor were asked by Shoghi.

3) Shoghi declared that the Guardian would be the President-for-Life of the Universal House of Justice; which, coincidently, he had appointed Mason Remey as President of the IBC which was to become the House by 1963.

4) 'Abdu'l-Baha referred to Charles Mason Remey as "my real son". Perhaps this was merely a niceity. Perhaps it meant something else.

5) 'Abdu'l-Baha prophesied to Mason, "Ere long thou shalt be a sign of guidance to mankind". Some interpret this as 'Abdu'l-Baha saying, "Ere long you shall be a Baha'i because all Baha'is are signs of guidance". This was many years AFTER Mason had become a Baha'i. Did 'Abdu'l-Baha forget that Mason had become a Baha'i many years before? How was Mason to become a "sign of guidance to all mankind"?

6) In a massive number of letters and pilgrim's notes, Shoghi Effendi prophesied and talked about the future Guardians, for example, that the Guardians would identify the next Manifestation of God. Where these false prophecies?

7) Shoghi Effendi created the International Bahá'í Council with Mason Remey as President. The IBC was the natural HEAD of the Faith after the death of the Guardian. Yet, the "Custodians" (i.e. Khanum) DISorganized the IBC; the organization that Shoghi wanted to evolve into the first UHJ. Why?

Do the math.

Darrick Evenson

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