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What is a Doula??

Doula is Greek meaning "servant to the mother". A doula is there for the mother through the birth of her child. A doula does not replace a partner. They should work together to support the mother. A doula does not perform medical task. She is there for emotional, physical and informational support. She is a hand holder, back massager, photo taker, advocate, walking partner, errand runner, she prepares a bath or shower. A doula is there to explain medical language. She is there to make your birth experience as positive as possible.

A doula makes no medical decisions but attends to the needs of the mother, easing her discomfort and helping her work with her body toward progress in labor. Doula's may also visit the mother in the hospital and at home to provide support with breastfeeding, take care of other siblings, infant care issues and helping the mother car for herself.

A doula is not just a nice woman to have around during the miracle of birth. She does a lot more. She is an anchor for offering emotional support to the mother as well as praise, pep talks, encouragement and empowerment. She keeps the mothers birth wishes in perspective if complications arise. A doula is a teacher. She can answer medical questions, explain why a procedure may need to be done and offer alternatives. She is a diplomat. The mothers advocate. She is sensitive to the wishes of the mother and partner. Knowing when to assist and when to step back.

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Why Hire a Doula??