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The Stories of My Births: Brittain, Macartney and Tanner

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Brittain was due April 25 1991.I had been to my doctors appointment on April 23. He told me to return the next morning, he would break my water and we would have a baby. GREAT! Brittain had other plans. After dinner at my parents house, after a nice bath around 10 pm I had my first contraction, TWO minutes later the next one. My husband and I timed them for a little while and I wondered "what happened to every 30 minutes??". My sister was to come with us. I called her and finished getting ready. We drove across town to pick her up - we hit every railroad track and bump. When we arrived at her house I HAD to go to the bathroom. The drive to the hosptial was 30 minutes away. At the even of every contraction I yawned - and my husband would ask if I had another contraction. At the hospital my husband parked the car -at the bottom of the hill, carried most of our things to the top of the hill and waited for me. I had to stop for contractions - he waited at the top of the hill holding the door open waiting. Once in the hospital I was admitted - another women arrived at the same time - we both were having contractions two minutes apart and same dilation. Thankfully she did not want the only birth room. We settled in. I played Wilson Phillips and tried to relax. I would not allow anyone to touch me but I HAD to massage my back. My husband and sister were great though - very supportive.I focused on the clock - not the time just the clock. Every time nurse would come in she would stand right in front of the clock and I would have to ask her to move.I asked the nurse if I could be on all fours and she said NO. I knew if I was in that postion I would be much better. Being young and my first baby I did not know I could question the nurse. I heard the other women being wheeled to delivery and she was screaming - I got scared so we turned up the music and tried to calm me down. I was ready to push. The nurse and doctor asked if I wanted medication - I told them no - it really was not that bad. When I was pushing the nurse said the baby was not coming down. I knew this meant possible C section. I said "Yes it is coming down" I pushed with all I had. Seven hours from the first paid until she was born!! I was so happy. It was great!! I was so proud of myself. Brittain came home from the hospital April 26 1991 - one year to the day of my first miscarriage.

Macartney was born ON his due date. May 15 1993. I had been dilated to three for about a week.I lost my mucous plug a week before he was due. I had taken a long bath, Brittain was in bed asleep. I sat in the rocking chair in the baby's room and used my breast pump. Within fifteen minutes contractions were 5 minutes apart. They were mild at first. I cleaned the house and told my husband when I felt one - he timed them. After an hour we called my parents to come be with Brittain - I felt silly going to the hospital. I knew they would send me home. When we arrived around midnight. The nurse started the fetal monitor and I told her I felt silly being at the hospital - she could not believe I could not feel the contractions. My sister was there with us again. My husband again was happy for the added support. It was a great labor. I listened to Michael Bolton. I focused on a picture Brittain had made for me. We walked for a little while. I pushed for just a short time. Four hours after the first mild contraction Macartney was born. My husband had chosen the name - I thought it too big for a tiny little baby BUT Paul Macartney was in concert that night, the DJ on the radio was Mark Macartney AND he weighed 9.5.5! When my husband told me the weight I said "that is a Big Mac".

Tanner was two weeks early. During my routine doctors visited I was told I was dilated to 5 cm!! I was thrilled. But there was also a decelaration in the heart rate. My doctor wanted me to go to the hospital to make sure everything was okay. He also said he would break my water and we would have a baby today - Jan 18 2002. I called my husband and my family. I had planned for two sister's, a niece, friend, my daughter and my new husband's daughter to be there when the baby was born. Steve came from work, Stephanie arrived, my twin sister came. Steve had to drive 45 minutes to get his daughter out of school. With my history of short labor I was afraid he might miss it - the nurse told him "if you are going you better go now." My children were picked up. My water was broke around noon. I felt great. I walked, took a long bath. The worse part was not being allowed ANYTHING to eat - the others were eating and I was so hungry. I did have ice chips and jello. Things got interesting around 5 pm. This is when I felt like I was "in labor". I moved around a lot - using the rocking chair, listening to Shania Twain, looking at a stuffed Tigger Steve had given me. I did not have back labor. I had a lot of pressure and really wanted back into the tub. My nurse said she wanted to check me first and I was at 10cm. I had never had the " I want to push" sensation - I do not like it. I wanted to push and I wanted to push NOW. I really did not think the doctor would make it - he was scambling to get gloves on.... I pushed for three minutes. It was wonderful. I kept yelling - take pictures. My daughter left after a pretty intense yell from me. Having so many peope with us to witness the miracle of Tanner's birth was amazing. The nursing staff and my doctor were wonderful about it - in my birth plan I had expressed the desire to have these people with me and my doctor assured me that as long as he could do his job it would be fine. The nurse did tell me some would have to leave and I told her she would have to tell them because I was not asking anyone to leave. I have wonderful pictures and video.

I "knew" this was a girl so when the nurse said "it's a boy!" I asked if she was sure. He was so gorgeous. All of my babies were though.I knew I was fortunate to delivery three healthy babies.

Tanner was born after my second miscarriage on Dec 12 2001. When preparing to leave from the hospital I was told Tanner's "soft spot" had grown shut. I was a mess. Steve had gone home and I was alone and a huge mess. Working with people with disabilites that is what immediately came to mind. At six weeks of age he had surgery to remove part of his skull - it was the scariest day of our lives. He is doing wonderful- Thank God.Thank God we have healthy - happy children.

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