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-bleeding through the scars of my most unlawful dream-
-the sickness rushes through me, noone hears me scream-
-the entity is near me, it's dwelling in my mind-
-it's killing all my memories, this spirit can't be kind-
-the candle flame is flickering, the panic rises high-
-it certainly has chose me as it's slave. i wonder why-
-the squeaky door swings open, my emotions take a fall-
-the entity it leads me to the handprints on the wall-
-blood is dripping down the walls from the hands of a small child-
-i feel it's presence inside of me, my senses running wild-
-trying not to make a noise, i gently close the door-
-i run away so quickly_i don't want to feel it anymore-
-late at night i hear it, i barely make a breath-
-it haunts me in my dreams, it blames me for it's death-