Site hosted by Build your free website today! it is. i decided to add this section for the enjoyment of the peeps over at unsolved mysteries. they have helped me with alot of things, so for their enjoyment and yours, i have chosen to tell my stories. it's quite hard to tell some of these stories, that's why i haven't told everyone. i actually can't believe i'm putting them on here. but oh well eh? each of the stories are based on actual occurences in my life that are completely true. i don't know why these things are happening to me, they just are. the only logical explanation i can think of to give you is that i have been chosen...chosen to be haunted, tortured, and frankly, chosen to allow myself to sink deeper and deeper into my subconscious until there is no return. i can feel it now. i am becoming one with the spirit world, though living and breathing in the dark shadows of my inner self....enjoy.