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Ok, here's the deal.. Milla Jovovich is a very good actress, model, and singer.. I have chosen her as my idol, well, originally cuz she looks like me. I didn't notice this first, actually it was Alex McCoy. He brought in a picture of her to school and gave it to Jordy saying "hey man, this looks like Mandy" so, Jordy then gave it to me, and ever since, people have been saying hey, you look like that girl... ya know the fifth element? well yeah, so that's how it began. Now it's more or less because she has proved herself to be very talented in what she does.. i mean acting, modeling, AND singing? those are three of the things i've always wanted to do, well just for fun anyway. so anyways, yeah this is milla. she is just great.

alright, here's the deal. The top picture is milla untouched... the bottom picture is milla... with a few changes... bet you can't guess what the changes are.... so i'll tell you. i deleted her eyebrows and gave her hair.. that's it.