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Iím living in this barricade of weaknesses and guilt
What is there left to live for?
All my dreams have spilled.
The tears are crusting on my face,
thereís nothing left to cry.
My feelings and emotions
should crawl away and die.
My hands are shaking more and more
with every passing day
My nerves are on a coaster,
theyíre much to my dismay.
Iím thinking that itís over,
my life has bit the dust
The gateway to my future
has now begun to rust.
I canít hold back my feelings,
for they are growing strong
Iím running Ďround in madness,
itís just been far too long.
If I kept track of all the times
my life has took a fall,
Broke my dreams and killed my hope,
I'd crack the fu#!ing walls. My angerís built inside me
for really far too long
Itís pouring out in sadness,
My thoughts have all been wrong.
My love of life is hanging,
itís really smashed to bits,
Iíve lost my sense of humor,
Iíve lost all my wits.
Iíve tried to help the problem,
Iíve tried to cry for help
My voice gets lost along the way,
itís seemed more like a yelp.
The people that Iíve cried to,
they take it as a joke,
Iím longing for an answer,
my spirit must evoke.
I run away from trouble,
I cower from my fears
I need to overcome them,
I need shed no more tears.
Iíll walk right in to trouble
if I canít get away
My fears and troubles chase me,
can I stand one more day?
The anger that Iím feeling
explodes at any time
My head just keeps on spinning
without reason, without rhyme.
My days are growing shorter,
my sleeps are short as well
I need to get away from
this life that I call hell.
I will surely rid myself
of struggling for breath
Iíll keep an open mind
when I come upon my death.