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~in the graveyard~ all began about 2 years ago on the far side of st.T. it was pretty cold out, and pretty late too. i was with some friends, and we decided to wander over to the witch's graveyard. it's a very old graveyard that, legend has it, is home to the spirit of an evil witch. the ledgend is that if one crosses the fence to her grave, they will be cursed. sorry to whoever was there with me besides these two people, but the only people i can remember being there were terry and jenn. terry decided to jump the fence! i was pretty scared already, then terry started dancing and spitting on the grave. i told him to come back, he did. then jenn got a weird feeling, so did i. she asked me if i could see anything back by the woods...i did. it was a dark figure, wearing a black cape and hood. there was no face inside the hood, just blackness. the spirit was holding a globe of light. when the light caught my eye, it shot towards us rapidly, i moved out of the way very quickly. when i looked back, it was only about 15 feet away from us, standing infront of a white grave. i could see it so much better. i started to run, and my friends followed. they all were wondering what was happening because it all happened so fast. i explained to them -in tears- what i saw. i draw a blank after this, but later (days later) i saw it again. it follows me. i was seeing it everywhere. i later found out that the grave was not home to a witch, but to the wife of the graveyard keeper. sources say that it follows and haunts me because i was the only one that saw it when the grave was being harmed. i believe it. i was sick for months after the first sighting....and i've been seeing it ever since.

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