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Reading them is perhaps not as enjoyable as seeing the actors say the words on screen, however I wanted to include as many as possible just for fun. I loved the whole series but my two favourites were The Grape Escape Episode and The Spaceflight Episode

Mrs S: I thought you hated liver
Mr. S: Oh,oh, you know too much now, I'm gonna have to kill ya
The Spaceflight Episode

Mr.S: You know you were a lot sweeter with your hands cuffed behind your back

The Spaceflight Episode

Mrs S: This isn't working. We need a plan
Mr. S: A plan?
Mrs S: Yes. You start on one side of the lab, I start on the other. We work our way towards the center and we trap it
Mr. S: You mean like, like herding cattle, only with a tiny, tiny little winged insect instread, YES that is the dumbest idea I have ever heard
The Grape Escape Episode

Mr S: They're speaking Italian
Mrs S:In Rome ? Imagine that
The Grape Escape Episode

Mrs S: Are you going to help me or just criticise?
Mr S: Criticise, ohh, rhetorical question
The Grape Escape Episode

Mr S: Kiss me dammit! ... I love my plants
The Publishing Episode

Mr S: And, how many times are you going to tell me this story?
The Second Episode
Mr S: Something tells me that arming the Tidy Bowl man isn't going to help
The Suburban Episode

Mr S: Hey! new guy gets the middle, no prob
The Suburban Episode

Mr. S: Ahh, Spanish housekeeper. Was kinda hoping for the French maid
Mrs.S: Sorry, she had the night off. Maybe next time
Mr S: I'll hold you to that
The Impossible Mission Episode

Mr. S: Remind me again, why am I here?
Mrs. S: Because you're . c u t e
The Poor Pitiful Put Upon Singer Episode

Mr. S: I'm not even gonna ask where you had that hidden
The Suburban Episode

Mr. S: Wait a second. Are you having a feeling?
Mrs.S: Oh, and you're Mr. Hard-as-nails?
The Spaceflight Episode

Mrs.S: Excuse me
Mr.S: Oh, you want his keys for your handcuffs?
Mrs.S: Dah !!
The Spaceflight Episode

Mr.S: You wanna keep your friends close and your enemies closer
The pilot episode

Mr S: Pesky squirrels. C h e w !!
The Suburban Episode

Mr S: This is our first trip to Area 51 and we are just thrilled. We've been out in the desert all morning with our eyes on the sky, haven't we pookums?

The Spaceflight Episode

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