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I love Sublime so-oooooo much! I'm sure if you're at this page you like Sublime also. My friend Bryan got me into Sublime and they're such a good band.Well, don't hesitate to give me suggestions and stuff! And please do because I want to give Bradley something good to look at up there!

I suppose that no one has any good pics, eh? Otherwise, you all would have sent tons of them. Well, if any of you decide to send in a pic I'll put it here still.
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Ton and Mike from Rotterdam (Netherlands) sent me this pic. Mike is the guy in the pic with the tatoo. The artist is Pluis. Ton and Mike met LBDAS two years ago in Rotterdam.

Thanks so much you guys for the great pic.

Louie Dogs the ONLY way to stay sane so keep listening to Sublime!

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