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Education Links

For your children:

Alexander Graham Bell Institute
The Food Time Line
All God's
Brain POP
Turn Off The TV - Games
Kids 4 Truth
Lascaux Cave Paintings
Autopsy - For your budding pathologist
Family Play
Learning Kingdom

Canned curriculum and individual books:

Sycamore Tree
Laurel Springs
Green Leaf Press
The Book Peddler
Valerie's Living Books
Common Sense Press
Building The Family
God's World Book Club
Student of the Word Homeschool Curriculum
Project Gutenberg Official Home Site
Robinson Curriculum (they have a scholarship program - ask about it!)
Heart of Wisdom
Crossroads Christian School
Abe Books - Out of Print Sources
Elijah Company
Learning Kids
Owl & Mouse Educational Software
Faith Weaver

Unit Studies:

Prepare and Pray
Counting the Cost
Christian Cottage Unit Studies
Unit Study Adventures
Unit Studies For Everyone
Unit Study Planning Page
Learn and Do Unit Studies
State Unit Studies
Frugal Unit Studies
What Are Unit Studies?


Bible Activity Worksheets
The Great Dinosaur Mystery
Free Worksheets
Worksheet Factory


LiveNet SanDiego Bay Cam
Eagle Cam
Peregrine Falcon Birdcam

Reference Materials:

Webster's 1828 Dictionary
Area Equivalent Conversion
World Book Encyclopedia
Your Dictionary
Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
Typical Course of Study
Big Chalk - The Education Network
Homework Help
Book Adventure at Parent's Place
A to Z Teacher Stuff
Hope Chest on the Web
The Mayflower Webpages
Not Just For Kids - Thanksgiving fun
Free Arithmetic Worksheets
Science projects
Homeschool Arts
About Peanuts
Kids Domain
Free Things For Educators
Teaching with the Web
School Express
World Book Encyclopedia Parent Resource Center
Fonts 4 Teachers - great tool for making up your own handwriting exercises!
Christian Homeschool Forum
Home School Treasures
Character Counts
Homeschool Oasis
Homeschool Christian
China Sprout
Geography Matters
Keeping Preschoolers Occupied During Homeschool
Home School Legal Defense Association
19th Century Schoolbooks
Reading Test
Tampa Reads
Middle school science
Homeschool Oasis
Homeschool Links and More
Homeschooling, A Light at the End of the Tunnel
Homeschool Treasures
Speech Therapy in the Home School
Home-Ed Magazine
Creationist Astronomy
Homeschool Fun Magazine
Homeschool Resources
Can You Pass The 8th Grade?
The Idea Box - Early Childhood Education
pH Scale Experiment
Geology and Earth Science Lesson Plans
Applied Learning Styles
Homeschool Science
Creation Science
Creation, Dinosaurs and thE Flood
Institute for Creation Research
Answers In Genesis
Teaching Parents
Lesson Planning Resources
Learning Horizons Educational Products
Kididdles - Music for Kids
Bill Nye The Sciency Guy

For the parents:

Distance learning programs on the web to further your education
Virtual University
University of Phoenix

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