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Business Ideas

There are lots of things a single parent can do to earn money and support the family. Non-traditional jobs are right up our alley! We don't normally fit in the box of a 9 to 5 sort of job - so start thinking outside of the box!!

How about:
Operate a Rooming House by Renting Out A Room In Your Home
Child Care In Your Home
House Cleaning Services
Virtual Assistant
Process Server
Secretarial and Word Processing Assistant
Web Page Designers
Mystery Shoppers
School Bus Driver (my local school district lets drivers take their children over 3 yrs. of age on the bus with them - several are home schooling moms!)

Caveat - There are many people in the world whose main goal in life is to separate you from your money. Scam artists prey on the weak and do their best to misrepresent their intentions. Please search the web and pick wisely. I do my best not to post items that are known to be scams. Please let me know if you believe one of these links misrepresent themselves and I will remove them post haste from this site.

Some places to get ideas and support - as well as ask questions are:

Home Business Help Is Just A Click Away
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Home Based Working Moms

This Single Parents Who Home School site owned by Denice W.

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