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All About Me


Shari Jausel




Tsk..Tsk..You should know better!!

Marital Status

married 15 yrs(and they said it couldn't be done)


two wonderful boys

My Friends

My two partners in crime are Rosie Plumb and Norma Greear. And I pity the fool who tries to come between us!!

I promised that I would say something nice about them......mmmmmmm.......let's see.........oh yeah, for a good time call........hahaha. Just kidding girls.

I have made many on-line friends and I want to thank them for all the encouragement that they have given me. If it wasn't for them I don't think that this page would have ever been made. I'm so glad that you are all part of my world.

And a special thanks to my sweet hubby for helping me design these pages

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