Soon after I was hit, I watched from the dead zone, a group of guys from the other team get a "chopper lift" to the alternate insertation point. This is a cheap, but legal move that nobody knew about. This placed the enemy right behind our lines. I watched my team come to the dead zone one by one, being barrel tagged or hit in the back. Eventually, our whole team was wiped out from the creek.

We regrouped at our original insertation point, and split into three groups, one taking top, middle, and bottom. I went with the bottom. We got to a bridge, where a mission had been radioed in to hold the bridge for 15 minutes. I was chosen as a bridge guard, but after guarding it for 10 minutes, I realized the fight was alot further up then I expected. I moved to the bottom of the lagoon, and fired and the enemy guys that were scattered around the left of the lagoon.

I heard a call for a medic by the tent, so I rushed over to heal the guy. Once I arrived and healed him, I stayed in the tent where one guy with an automag was picking the guys off left and right. We then finally hit or scattered the troops holding a line to the left of the lagoon. We advanced towards the creek once again.

After making my way towards the near side of the bank, the oldest player on our team (he looked about 60) ran across the creek, then did a little dance, telling the rest of the team, "It was nothing." This gave me the boost to run across. I stayed on the far side of the bank this time, not advancing to the bunker where I had my first head-shot encounter. After seeing a fierce battle, I ran to the trailer, almost falling out of bounds (that would of sucked) but I managed to stay in. Most our guys that were in the creek were eventually picked off by the heavy forces located in the trailer. I am the red dot up against the trailers, and the other red dot was a woman I believe was named Pam.

We held the enemy from taking back the creek bed. I was able to hit 2 guys, one in the trailer, and one that ran out to the bunker on the right. He didn't even know I was right by him, so I got a free shot there.

Eventually, the rest of our team came back, running down the path from the reinsertation point. With my help holding back the guys in the trailer (I'd shoot at their guns every time they'd try to shoot out the window.) our team charged the trailers, hitting everyone inside. Like an infection, we took over the entire compound, trailer by trailer. Near the last flag, we crammed alot of people into the red drum (red dot in the middle of compound). I went to heal one guy, who, once I started catching fire while healing him, covered me up so I wouldn't get hit. We eventually cleared all the compound, and won the first game! Hoorah!

I'll get the second game posted soon!