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I'm glad you joined me here in this little corner of The Great Web.
Please be patient; I've still got a LOT of work to do, to make these
pages homey, comfortable, informative, and beautiful.

A word to the wise: I am interested in ALL religions, and tolerant
of all except for those who are intolerant. If you've come here to
learn or to teach, you are welcome. If you've come here in an attempt to
convert me, save yourself and try elsewhere. And of course, all
flames will be ignored, so please do not bother.
Are you here to find out what exactly is a "witch" or a "pagan"?
If so, I hope that this page helps.

If you'd like to read about my journey along this path,
click here.  And if you want to come visit us for a
live chat, please see the link below.

I chose my Craft name from the Celtic Goddess/Witch, Rhiannon.
She is the goddess of birds, horses, wind (weather).... and since
I feel a kinship to such elements, I adopted her name for my own.
By creating these pages, it is my wish to spread Her name by
educating others in Her ways, and hopefully.... to also try to teach
others respect, tolerance, reverence, and love of all of
Creation, and all Creatures of the Earth.
Big Task!!!

As the old song says, 'We get by with a little help from our
Friends'.... and I'm hoping that the Big Task can be accomplished,
with the help of those who visit here.  I hope that if any of you
viewing these pages have suggestions or comments, that you
feel free to let me know.  I have also begun a 'True Dreams'
page, where we can share our stories of dreams (good or bad)
which came true in 'real' life. It includes a message board
where you can post a dream and ask for help in
deciphering it, if you wish:


Part of my reason for creating these pages was to spread
tolerance, understanding and knowledge of not only our
faith, but those of others as well. As a sideline, I want
to also point out the evil that lurks Out There.  Here is
my links page devoted to the task:


Current phases of the Moon:

(Lunar Applet courtesy of Gary Nugent )

                                          My Husband and Life Mate has created a similar place on the Web.
                                          If you are searching for knowledge about Wicca, pagan, or the like,
                                          he has the information. Rather than duplicating his excellent efforts, I'd
                                          rather refer you to his pages. Please see the link below for Spiritway.
                                          However, if you prefer personal discussion, feel free to e-mail me.
                                          The e-mail link is below.

Visit Spiritway
(My husband's
Pagan/Wiccan site.)



  E-mail to Rhiannon



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