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Concept: I really don't know where I got the idea for this one. But I think I got it from one I saw on the internet a long time ago that someone had created a sketch of for a RPG campaign. Except that one was more scaly and only had one rune and a different emmiter nozzle. The cool thing about this is all the little runes in the sides. Everyone asks me what it says and most of it is just little symbols I made up but there are three parts that actually say something. All are in Japanese. The first is "Darth Vader", the second "Dr. Evzan", and the third, "Dark Jedi", all taken from the Japanese on the SW:CCG cards I have.

1 1/2 inch chrome-plated brass sink drain pipe
Metal hole plug
1 inch PVC from a 10 ft pole
Duct tape (not visible)

Notes: This saber is easily one of the coolest I've created. Just looking at it straight on it doesn't look like much. Just a solid handle with a wavy emmiter. But if you look carefully you can see some runes carved into it. This was done by simply taking a pointed grinding head and putting it on the Dremmel and carving away the chrome-plating on the pipe which shows the brass underneath. The runes are still pretty light but brass tarnished fairly easily so I'm hoping they'll start standing out more in time. The best part about this one is that when the light hits it just right though, the runes reflect the light very well as you can see from the last four pictures. To take those I used a blue spotlight.