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     Star Wars has become a cultural icon for millions of fans across the world. Some people have a casual interest while others attend conventions dressed as their favourite characters. If you've ever seen these costumes, you know that they often can be quite elaborate. But how do you go about getting your own?

     The least expensive way to do it is to make the costume yourself. While this may seem an impossible task, there's a huge number of resources out there for the Jedi Padawan or aspiring Sith. I've collected and organized all the ones I could find here to save you the trouble. If you know of anything I missed, Email me.

My Tutorials
Building a "hardware saber"

     Luke Skywalker
          Return of the Jedi
               Jedi Academy

     Leia Organa
          Tantive IV
               Jedi Academy
               Leia Costuming: Clothing A Star Wars Obsession: Beautiful site with good descriptions.
          Ceremonial Dress
               Jedi Academy
               Leia Costuming: Clothing A Star Wars Obsession: Beautiful site with good descriptions.
          Slave Costume
               Azeem 2000
          Ewok Village
               Leia Costuming: Clothing A Star Wars Obsession: Beautiful site with good descriptions. Check out the Gallery for great pics of this costume.

     Han Solo
               Jedi Academy
               Corellian Exports: Pieces for sale only.

               Chewie Costuming

     Rebel Pilot
               Richie's Armor: Only has tutorial on converting a APH-6B flight helmet (what the original prop was from) to a Rebel Pilot helmet.
               Jedi Academy
               Red Four

     Rebel Trooper
               SW Troopers: Mostly analysis of costume but has a few tips.
               Studio Creations

               R2 Builders Club: A Yahoo group dedicated to building astromechs.

     Imperial Officer
               Imperial Costumes
               Imperal Outfitters
               Imperial Officer: Mostly analysis of costume but has a few tips.
     Death Star Trooper
               Death Star Trooper: Mostly analysis of costume but has a few tips.
     Boba Fett
               Prop Planet
               The Dented Helmet
               Jedi Academy
               Boba Fett
               Boba Fett
               Azeem 2000
               Mandalorian Warriors (more generic mandalorian info)
               Barbie Fett
      Scout Trooper
               Jedi Academy
               Studio Creations: Great site! Sells armor kits!
     Sand Trooper
               The Dented Helmet
               White Armor: Very detailed instructions on taking a stormtrooper “kit” and getting it ready to wear.
               TK 409's Page: Tons of info there but kind of jumbled. Mostly on the accessories.
               TK 861's Page
               Jedi Academy
               Studio Creations: Great site! Sells armor kits!
     Darth Vader
               Vader Maker: The biggest Vader site out there.
               Vaderkinde's Site: Vader made from placemats for a female Vader no less!
               Vader Maker Australia
               Sith Woman's Vader: Mostly on the body suit
               Vader Painter: Sells some of the harder to find pieces for your Vader costume.
               Robert Mackie's Vader Site: Info on building your own helmet from PVC piping. Still in progress being built.
     Death Star Gunner
               Jedi Academy
               SW Troopers: Mostly analysis of costume but has a few tips.
     Imperial Royal Guard
               Jedi Academy
               Crimson Empire
               Azeem 2000
               Azeem 2000: Canor Jax instructions (from the Crimson Empire comic series).
     Imperial TIE Pilot
               Steel's TIE Pilot Costume
               SW Troopers: Mostly analysis of costume but has a few tips.
               Jedi Academy
               Fort Tuseken
     Snow Trooper
               Snowtrooper: Solid instructions on some pieces. Others were bought so no info is provided.

     Darth Maul
               Jedi Academy
               Sithwoman's Site

               Clonetrooper: Only info on modifying helmet.
               Azeem 2000: Only info on modifying helmet is currently up.
               How To Build a Better Clonetrooper Info on correcting the Kellog's helmet.
     Qui-Gon Jinn
               Sithwoman's Site
     Obi-Wan Kenobi
               Sithwoman's Site
               Jedi Academy
     Generic Jedi
               Imperial Outfitters
               Rebel Legion
               Azeem 2000
               Padawan's Guide
               Jedi Costume
               Jedi Belt
               Food Capsules For belt
     Barriss Offee (a Jedi from Ep II)
               Barriss Offee
     Jocasta Nu
               Jocasta Nu
     Nomi Sunrider
               Nomi Sunrider
     Padme Amidala
          White Parade dress
               Amidala Parade Dress
          Ep II Arena Battle
               Padme Arena Battle
               Liann's Arena Battle costume
          Picnic dress
               Dajuan's Picnic Dress tutorial Well written with pictures. By a good friend of mine.
               Obi Anne's picnic-dress
               Liann's picnic dress
          Blue Tatooine Dress
               Obi Anne's blue Tatooine dress
          Return to Naboo dress
               Return to Naboo dress by Sister Sola
          "At Home" dress
               "At home" dress from Padawan's Guide
          Fireside Dress
               Padme's fireside gown

               Jedi Academy
               Fort Tusken
     Tusken Raider
               Fort Tusken: Mostly on what was used and not much on construction.
               Jedi Academy
               Studio Creations
               Tusken Raider The making of DZ-7602
     Prince Xizor
               Falleen Prince Xizor

     Interrogation Droid
               Studio Creations

     Thermal Detonator
               Fort Tusken: made from 2 ice cream scoops!
               Studio Creations: Full Metal Blasters
               PVC blasters
               Big Yellow Box: Probably the best known saber tutorial site out there. All custom sabers. No movie replicas.
               Building your Own Lightsaber
               Building Lightsabers
               Obi-Wan Style Saber
               Mike Chubb's saber page
               Jedi Academy: Movie style sabers for those who have found flash tubes.
               Project Naboo Sabers: Many examples with parts pointed out. Not much in the way of actual instructions.
               Project Graflex: Another site for converting flash tubes into sabers.
               Doright's PVC saber tutorial
               Park Sabers: Sabers for sale. Have EL blades.
               The Saber Works: Sells custom sabers with EL Blades. Also sells other important pieces.
               Jedi Communicator

Other Links
               How to build a mannequin for cheap!
               Building a Vacuuforming table
               Parts of SW: What those props were really made out of.
               The Costumes of MaddySo cute!

There’s some pages that just have so much costuming info that I just put the links directly to the specific costumes but if you want to see the rest of the sites here’s the main pages for those.
SW Troopers
Jedi Academy
Studio Creations
Azeem 2000
Sith Woman's page
Imperial Outfitters

Can’t find what you’re looking for here? Then Email me or stop by the TF.N Costuming forum. Just remember to do a search of the threads before asking how to do something. Chances are, your question has already been addressed.