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65 Dart Exhaust System

65 Dart Exhaust System

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Here are the new Spitfires installed. They are coated with POR-15's High Heat Grey. So far the coating is holding up but only has about 10 hrs of running time on it. They were previously coated with Eastwoods High Heat Silver, with less than desireable results (operator error I'm sure).

Here are some "detail" shots of the headers. The drivers side is tight, as we all know. Since the 65 is a column shift, it is even tighter. I had to do some clearancing on the driver side around the columns shift linkage and steering coupler (I have a very early set... yours may be different).

This is the drivers side exhaust pipe connecting the the header collector. It was extremely tight in there but the guys were able to get a 2.5" pipe off of the collector. Once that pipe snaked its way through the torsion bars transmission, and crossmember, it was stepped up to a 3" pipe (Darn speedo cable is leaking fluid!).

The passenger side is also 2.5" pipe. It snakes down past the T-bar, tranny filler tube and 727 pan and angles toward the dual exhaust hump that I cut into the passenger side of the crossmember. The pipe ends in a collector flange which you can see on the left side of the picture.

Here is the "Y" pipe. The passenger side stays 2.5" until it joins into the 3" main pipe of the drivers side. The collector flange was added should I ever need to take apart the exhaust system. If they hadn't added it, I wouldn't have been able to remove any part of the system with the motor or suspension intact.

The left pic is how the front section looks from the side. It is tucked up under the car fairly well and is just visible under the subframe connectors.

The right picture is of the Flowmaster 3" muffler and the outlet tube going over the rearend tube.

The 3" pipe makes for a tight fit going over the rear and around the shock. The air shock is only temporary until I can get a new set of springs from ESPO and then a normal shock, or KYB will take its place. The pipe hugs the frame to allow for movement of the shock and loads in the trunk.

This is how the pipe exits. I wanted it tucked up and out of sight with a slight turndown visible from behind. The system sounds great, and the motor is much more responsive with the larger exhaust. The ported heads finally get to breathe!

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