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Pray for our homie This is my cousin, Jerome Johnson, who was a victim of police bullshit. He is 16 years of age. He allegedly had a shoot out with detectives from the St. Louis Police Department. The police stated "four undercover narcotics detectives -- two black and two white -- fired only after Johnson had fired at them in two separate instances." He supposedly fired 6 shots from a .22 caliber pistol. The police shot 7 times with the intention on killing him. He is currently at a St. Louis area Hospital with seven gun shot wounds but the doctors said he will make it. The police would not even allow his mother and family members to visit him in the hospital. Friends and family had to have demonstration outside of the hospital so his mother would be allowed to see him. This shit HAS TO STOP!! Police have a license to kill and they get away scott free. Pray for my people as he will go to trial as soon as he is released from the hospital. One LOVE J.R