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Developing Horses Naturally for Practical Purpose

JENNY Background Information
TONY Background Information

Tony and Jennifer are committed to developing a harmonious relationship between horse and human. They reach for excellence in all that they do and teach, and they will help you to "see" what they "see."
How does your horse see you?
The horse you have always dreamed about is inside the horse you already have!

The "pair bond" is the strongest emotional bond between a foal and its mother. This bond is what keeps the foal at its mother's side, even when crossing raging waters, negotiating deep ravines, or any number of dangerous or "perceived" dangerous situations. Building a partnership with your horse can relay this same "pair bonding" trust in your horse. A confident horse needs a confident rider, that is what Tony and Jenny seek to give you - confidence and knowledge. They will help you build leadership skills that will help your horse see you the same way as it saw its mother. In order for there to be a harmonious relationship the horse must be convinced that a human will not compromise its safety.

Jenny and Tony Vaught studied as Parelli Professionals and are committed to Natural Horsemanship. They have also ridden with Leon Harrel, World Champion Cutting Horse Trainer; Jack Brainard, legendary trainer, breeder and teacher who produced some of the world's greatest reining horses; Ted Robinson, multiple winner of the Snaffle Bit Futurity and World's Greatest Horseman Award; Doug Jordan, legendary cutting horse hall of famer and Ronnie Willis, one of Pat Parelli's mentors. Both Tony and Jennifer have won the MFTHBA World Championship in Ranch Horse Versatility for the past 3 years.

Some of the Vaughts' accomplishments in the Parelli Professionals Program are:


  • Fifteen years in the Parelli Professionals Program - Pat asked Jenny to be in his program
  • Parelli Three Star Instructor for many years
    Specializes in:
  • Gaited Horses
  • Foals and Weanlings
  • Foundation Training
  • Colt Starting
  • Dressage
  • Showing Arabians, American Saddlebreds, Gaited Horses
  • Western Performance Horses
  • Cow Working


  • Eight years in the Parelli Professionals Program
  • Colt Starting
  • Difficult & Challenging Horses - Tony has changed the life of many horses considered to be dangerous and untrainable
  • Foundation Training
  • Racing
  • Cow Working
  • Western Performance Horses
  • Many times a horse will come home from the trainer who can ride them and get great results - but when the owner climbs aboard, it doesn't seem to be working as well. The clinics and camps that Tony and Jennifer conduct will allow you and your horse to reach new levels of trust and companionship. Using Principles of Natural Horsemanship, Tony and Jennifer can help you reach confidence levels at your and your horse's pace.

    Clinic themes Include:

    • Ranch Horse Versatility
    • Solutions
    • Obstacles
    • Trail
    • Model or Halter training
    • Foundation Riding
    • The Fluid Rider

    Clinics schedules begin with goal setting then ground work to prepare you and your horse for assigned riding tasks depending on your level and the level of your horse. Cow clinics include practice herding with cattle.

    Clinics are scheduled from 1-5 days. You can bring your horse for a day, a week. Other activities such as loading the problem horse, and liberty work can be included. Special sessions can be arranged if you want to bring your horse and get one-on-one training.

    Clinics and lessons are conducted throughout the year.
    Both Tony and Jenny have traveled as far as Hawaii by invitation to conduct colt starting and foundation riding clinics. Contact Jenny Vaught for open dates and details if you would like to sponsor a clinic near you.

    Want to know more about Natural Horsemanship?
    Tony and Jenny will also put on informative demonstrations for interested groups and show what a partnership between horse and human can accomplish.

    For The Horse Ranch is a family affair. The family rides all disciplines and both Nichole and Caitlyn, are riding English, Western, Barrels, Jumping,Trail, Roping and Cutting. The girls have been under the tutelage of their parents and ride with natural horsemanship savvy.

    Talk personally with Tony or Jenny about Clinics, Camps and Demonstrations. Contact them by e-mail or by phone (417) 399-4146. Your inquiries are welcome.


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