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Aug 25, 2000

Another week, another post, lol. This time it's yet another lesson from our good brother Wolf. This one is very important to me, and I think it might be helpful to all. If you get the chance check it out.

Aug 19, 2000

OK, I actually have posted something to do with the original intent of the page...shamans, who we are and our role in today's culture. Also updated was SAPO's poem with a new graphic that more captures the spirit of his verse. I have a few more posts to put up, but I'm working on a new site design and will get them up at a later date.

Aug 15, 2000

I'm getting better at putting up these posts, by wolf, only four days seperating the most recent. I am a procrastinator at heart who firmly believes in "why do today what you can put off until next decade." The newest addition once more comes from my good friend SAPO. He has written an extraordinary poem that i felt deserved it's place in immortality. to fully appreciate it, however you really should download and install the CelticMD font. You can still view it without this font, but...i would highly recommend getting it. At any rate, my greatest thanks to SAPO for his unique vision and wisdom!

Aug 11, 2000
A new post...finally, lol. It's been a long few weeks and a rough road, but all's well, so here I entrust a small description of a journey I made with Wolf that holds a lesson for all of us, the links is, as always, at the bottom it you care to scroll ALL the way down ;-P.

A very good friend wrote something to me that I would like to share with you, it is a very profound statement that I feel reflects the intention of my site, and every other pagan site. He said:
Welcome to my den, here you may tell me what you believe...and I will tell you the truth.

To my brother in arms, SAPO, I offer best wishes for this magnificent line. May you always hop straight, and watch out for cars, brother. ;-P

Aug 1, 2000
nothing new at this point, although i'm working on several articles. Just haven't had a whole lot of time recently. BUT, I do have some news. A very good friend of mine has posted a wonderful little story at Sakara's site (check the links) in the Library. Excellent work, Oakenstone! Keep going like that brother and we'll have to say we knew you when... It is definitely highly recommended, so check it out.

July 24, 2000
Just a little aside. I am not Native American, and will not pretend to be. I do not follow their ways. Their traditions are not mine. I don't want anyone thinking I'm here under false pretenses. I follow Wolf. Plain and simple. He knows no ethnic boundaries, he calls to his own, no matter what color or creed. What I will tell you stems from my own upbringing and history. I hold nothing against Native Americans, nor any other race, creed or color. I am who I am, who Wolf teaches me how to be. All are welcome if you come in peace. Together the world can live in harmony.