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It is amazing how much we truly have to learn about ourselves and the world around us. But sometimes we get so caught up in learning new things, that we forget lessons that we have already learned and need to backtrack. This is a part of something Wolf reminded me of the other day.

I was totally excited about my meditation, I had this feeling that I was going to learn something wondrous and I just couldn't wait. Once I met up with Wolf I very impatiently asked him, "What lesson do you have for me today, brother?"

Wolf just grinned and shook his head. "Come," he told me and turned off the path.

I followed, all ready for a new experience. But suddenly we stood at the foot of a huge waterfall. It was roaring so loudly I couldn't hear myself think. It was so beautiful, though, that I was captured in awe.

"You have forgotten humility," he calmly informed me. "Come."

Next, I found myself on an oceanic beach. It was night, quiet. The stars shone brightly in the sky, the moon reflecting off the incoming tide. The majesty and wonder of it filled me almost to bursting. I couldn't tear my eyes away. Then I heard him say, "Come."

Suddenly we stood in the middle of a raging storm. Lightning flared, thunder rolled. The rain beat down on me like hail, the wind buffeted me pushing me across the muddy ground until I could dig in. My eyes stung from the force of the gale and I closed them.

"Open your eyes and watch," he whispered in my ear.

Braving the pain I opened my eyes and watched the fury of the storm. It was incredible to see so much power, so much force unleashed, and to know that it was but a small piece of what was out there.

Then we were in the garden again. I could smell the roses, hear the grasshoppers chirping. But instead of feeling secure, I felt small, like an ant among elephants. My mind was over-whelmed by what I hah experienced and I was nearly in tears.

What I was reminded of that day is simple. No matter how much pride we bear, how high we rise, how much money we have, how much power we possess... we must remember to be humble. Humility is a hard lesson to learn, but we have all felt it.

Every once in a while think back to a particular sunset that held you in amazement, a view from the highway that kept you riveted, a particular storm that made you feel tiny and insignificant. This is humility.

There is no harm in feeling pride. Pride in our accomplishments, in who we are or what we do is not 'sinful' or 'harmful'. But we must be sure that we offer thanks for those talents, gifts and accomplishments. Pride can be taken too far, and when we get to that point it is time to remember the storm.

Walk in Light, Hunt in Shadow