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Thank you Harding Paparazzi!!!! Thanks to you, the guy i was JUST STUDYING with saw me as a potential dating candidate. We have been going out for 2 hours!

Hey H.P. You guys rock. I found out my girlfriend was lazing around the front lawn with my best friend. Now we all go on picnics together at Berryhill!

This page is so awesome. Yesterday, i was on the front lawn with my brother, and now, we are married with children! Magic! Its so wonderful! Tell your friends! Best Regards...

Hey. You guys totally wrecked my relationship. When my girlfriend saw us on the internet, she thought it was my fault. i tried to explain to her that i didtn know what she was talking about. She sent me the link. Sadly to say, she never forgave me. but, on the other is a good thing, because thanks to your high quality images, i found out she was a guy.
-Jerry Adrick-

Hey Jerks, whats the deal? Haven't you all seen a man skip before? It was a beautiful day, the sun shining, roses rosing, and I thought it would be nice to skip through the front lawn. Can't a guy frolick without paying the consequences? Frolickers have rights too.
-R. Simmons-
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