Who are you talking about???

who am i talking about?

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This is a page to describe who I am talking about on my journal page.

Pictures may be posted sometime soon. Also, there may be more people posted soon.

Alejandra Alonso, aka "Jana" : She is my ex-girlfriend from San Antonio. She has a cool website of quotes & such, from movies, songs, etc. When I fell for her, I realized how easy it was to know myself.

Amanda, "The Bus Girl" : Not too much to say about her. She rides the bus & I have spoken to her once. She is mentioned seasonally. Maybe someday I will grow some guts & talk to her again.

Cecilia Valdez : She is one of my greatest & best friends. I have known her since July of 1995. When we hung out, it did not matter where we went. We used to just get on the bus, ride to the end, & then just come right back. She has been there for me since then.

Daniel Villarreal : He is Austrailia in Pangea. he is the one on the left on the picture on the left. He was the loudest guy in the drumline in high school. One of the main ones that could not read music. He was there for comic relief. He lives & works in Austin. He moved there about a month after finishing Job Corps. But, alas, my best friend. And man, he can memorize EVERYTHING! So watch out when speaking to him. We all call his mind the Information Superhighway. He was made WAY before the net! Right now he holds the highest Bowling Score with Pangea, 206.

<--- Here are Daniel & Timio as Morrissey & Marr.

Eutimio Castillo, aka "Timio" : He is Africa in Pangea. He is on the right on the picture on the left with Daniel. We played guitar together in our first made up band, "PALARE." He is a Jehova's Witness with the loudest mouth. Listen to him OR ELSE. You will ALWAYS be wrong with him. And don't tell him to "Go to Hell" because he doesn't believe in it.

Elizabet & Frank : My sister & her fiancee. She is 25 & my best friend. He is 24. They are the epitamy of all Morrissey couples. She loved Morrissey, he used to look like him. They have been engaged for a little while.

Elsy Miranda : She stars as "The Tiny Avenger" in Joseph's comics. She is my ex fiancee. We met in high school during my Senior year. She joined the army reserves. We lived together for a little while then she left me for a married man she met in basic training that lived in Puerto Rico in September of 1999. She is no longer with him thanks to her family. They took her back to Honduras where she was born. She is supposed to be going to school.

Joseph Mendosa : He is North America in Pangea. Aka, King Biscuit. We met in Marching Band. We were both drummers. He is like a mentor to me. I look up to him a lot. He is great support. For Graduation, he bought me my Epiphone Acoustic.

Kim Nuņez : Very cool friend who I am yet to meet. She currently attends University of North Texas(?) in Denton. But so far, if there was one person I could just share with all my friends, it would have to be her. She is just too nice, but she won't show that side right away. She will tell you as it is. So don't mess with her.

Lena Hernandez : Co-worker. We sometimes carpool. She lives like 4 blocks away from me, when she actually sleeps at home! She usually stays at her boyfriend's house. Hse gets on my nerves very easily & very quickly.

Liz Zalazar : Closest & Coolest co-worker alive! She drives the Houston Press truck. She is really into being spiritual & clear minded. She is like my older sister. I say that, though not really like my sister Elizabet, because I am like the 'little brother she never had.' "Where are the 99 cent Margaritas?"

Omar Ortiz : "Feel the need for speed?" Make sure to be wearing your seat belt when he is beind the wheel. He learned how to talk to girls from me when I was all full of myself back in 1996. He is a great friend. We cruise around a lot. And single for you ladies out there!

PANGEA : Pangea is what we call the us guys when we used to hang out every weekend. Joseph, Daniel, Frank, Eutimio, & Me. We all took a nickname from a continent. I am Europe, since England isn't a continent.

Roxana Villanueva : A cool chick I met at Reagan. She is a party girl who goes to U of H downtown and works for the Boys and Girls Club. She sometimes gives me a ride to work. She is really proud of her Honda Civic.

Sadie : One of my oldest friends. She lives in Deer Park. She's all into goth. Well not too sure where she lives now. She has been sort of "missing" for a few weeks now. Her "friends" don't even know where she is. She is the original owner or P & B who I have been taking care of for her. She never calls, she never writes, she never returns phone calls.

Sara Hall : Very sweet & dear friend from Arizona. Very cool in music and art. She plays guitar, writes music, paints, collects eye glasses, designs postcards and has an interesting webpage. She drew the picture on the left.

Sarah Cardenas : Sarah is my first & OLDEST internet friend. We met back in 1997 and have been friends ever since. She is from Los Angeles. A great person to talk to. Someone who will always be there.

Tina Lopez : We met at Spaghetti Warehouse here in Houston back in 1997. We became better friends, I think, when we both found out that we both had the same friend that had died of Lukemia. She is a Morrissey fan that I make fun of for listening to rap.