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Welcome to the twisted and depraved mind of One Grant Huffman, a local of Columbia, MO. This page is constantly under construction. If it's worth my time I may even make this site cool and fun to visit. Chances are if you're here you know who I am. If not well.... read below and you'll at least see how I view myself and the world around me. If you could care less... F- Off.

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Yee-HAW! I gots my po-em read on that there radio box. Yeah Thanks to Senior Pauly and his kick ass radio show "Purgatory" on 88.1 KCOU Sunday Nights from 10-Midnight (god I love plugs). And tune in more often kids as he may read more, you know you want to.
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Shattered !! Shoe!
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The Devils Angel

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Thirteen Hours

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Third Degree Heartburn

Not a poem but a growing list of observations (Updated 10-21-99)

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