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Have you ever thought about going on a mission trip? This was our last mission trip in November there were many miracles which occured read on to get a first hand look at a few things that happened. Maybe you too will decide to join one of our upcoming trips.

The excitement began to mount it was almost the day to leave for Mexico. Everyone was getting all the needed supplies ready for our trip. Clothes have been gathered for the village people. Shoes were gathered. Personal articles such as soap, shampoo & numerous other items would be given out at the villages we would go into. Some one donated Koolaid by the cases. Cereal and candy were also donated. Some of the children in Mexico have never recieved candy. Small toys were also gathered that would be given out at the villages and during church services that we would go to each night. We were finally ready to leave.

The trip went well it took three days traveling to finally reach our destination. The next day the men go to work on the orphanage and the women stay at the camp to sort the clothes and shoes. We seperate everything and divide it into how many villages we will be going into each day. We try to minister to as many as we can. Once the village people know we are at the camp they begin to arrive and need clothes or what ever they have need of.
We try to ask if they can wait and go to wherever we will be at that evening at church and let the pastor give the clothing and various items out then. Some insist they have needs and won't be able to travel to the church that night. Then we will try to minister to them at that time. We have beans and rice that we give out to each family. It doesn't seem like much but to these people it may be there only food for the week. I think sometimes we don't even know how blessed we are in our country.

We had completed our task that day we had sorted and completed more than at any other trip we had been on. God blessed our group with three times the amount of supplies than at any other trip we have been on. When the men returned they were surprised to find we were finished with our part. God used this in his own way though. We would be able to go out to some of the villages to minister to the families that we would normally not be able to.

The next few days we would go to some of the various villages and visit with some of the people. On one of the days before we left there was a 14 year old girl who had walked to our camp with her baby. She began to cry telling us of how her husband had a drinking problem and was beating on her. She was afraid he was going to try to take her baby away and she would never be able to see it again. She wanted money to get away and go to her mothers in another village many miles away. She would have to have money to take the bus. Together the women gave her the money to leave on. Her baby was very sick and had nothing to eat for days other than Masa. This is a mixture of water and corn ground up. The baby needed food & milk. God had performed a miracle. Someone had donated a case of Enfamil formula and as always God knew the need before we arrived. There was a nurse along on this trip and she explained how to mix it and what amounts to give to the baby. God is such a great God.

There are so many miracles that have taken place on each of our trips. My only prayer is that if you ever feel like God is telling you to do something,that you will be obedient, even if it doesn't seem to make much sense to you do it anyway, God knows the need before it is there and he will always provide.

Again if you feel you would like to help in any way please contact me.

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