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Live Waterdeep MP3's from Feb 1, 2000
Columbia, MO
Newman Center, University of Missouri

Here's the rest of the show. I got lazy and combine some of the songs together. It is worth it though, this was one of the best shows I've seen. This will be up for about a month and then I'll post another show.

Every Moment, Every Day 3.12MB

A newer song, a catchy little tune
that I have been singing to myself lately.

He Will Come 3.09MB

I Know the Plans 3.19MB

Wayfaring Stranger 7.05MB

This is an older song they have been doing recently.
A definate jam song, Lori gets in on the soloing action
on this one.

Wicked Web 3.65MB

These two are together.
Don's "Still Here" improv intro-> I'm Still Here
Psalm 18

These three are one track.
Worried Man Blues*
Everyone's Beauitiful -> drums ->
Go Find John
10 MB

This is the big one. I really didn't want to have one this big, but I was distracted when I was editing it and didn't feel like going back and re-doing it.
(Don talking)
Sweet River Roll
Hush-> I Know that My Redeemer Lives outro
Lonely Sometimes-> improv->
Good to Me->
Amazing Grace
Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel (a cappella)


This was the first time I was able to here Eden Again live,
"But I choose to eat my fruit, and I choose to go my way, and I choose to throw my innocence way..And I've learned my lessons hard and I've learned my lessons well, And I have tasted all I care to taste of hell".
Eden Again (just Don)
Everybody's Guilty
7.92 MB

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