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New Earth Coffeehouse Feb 20, 1995 Don & Oren Thorton 2 cdrs soundboard->analog

Smash House April 18, 1997 Hutchinson, KS Don & Lori Chaffer 2cdrs soundboard->analog

New Earth Coffeehouse June 7, 1997 Kansas City, MO 1cdr soundboard->analog

New Earth Coffeehouse August 30, 1997 Kansas City, MO 2 cdrs soundboard->analog

J & B's Coffeehouse 9-15-97 Lubbock, Texas second show 1cdr

Solid Ground Coffeehouse May 15, 1998 Wichita, KS 2 cdrs soundboard->minidisc

University of Kansas- 12-4-98 -Lawrence, KS 2cdr's from soundboard to minidisc

New Earth Coffeehouse- 12-31-98 -Kansas City, MO 3cdr's soundboard->minidisc
Cornerstone Music Festival- 7-3-99 -Bushnell, IL 2 80min cdr's mics->minidisc

Everyone's Festival- 8-6-99 & 8-7-99 Kansas City,MO

  • Evening Set mic->minidisc

  • setlist
  • Waterdeep & Friends Jam session 1 cdr from two condensor mics -> analog*
  • Evening set 1 cdr from soundboard -> analog*

  • setlist

    Uptown Theater (Everyone's Beautiful album release party)
    (missing 4 songs due to evil tape player) Sep 27, 1999 2 cdr's from soundboard->analog*

    The Coals Field Center- Simpson College 11-10-99 Indianola, IA - 2cdr's from soundboard->minidisc*

    New Earth Coffeehouse- Westport, MO- 12-29-99 Both shows 3cdr's from mic & soundboard>minidisc*

    College of the Ozarks Jan. 19, 2000 Point Lookout, MO 2cdrs soundboard->minidisc*

    Newman Center, University of Missouri Feb 1, 2000 Columbia, MO 2 cdrs from soundboard->minidisc*
    setlist & mp3's

    University of Nebraska Union Ballroom Feb. 23, 2000 Lincoln, NE 2cdrs soundboard->minidisc*

    New Earth Coffehouse March 24, 2000 Kansas City, MO 1 74min. cdr, 1 80min. cdr soundboard->minidisc*

    New Earth Coffeehouse March 25, 2000 Kansas City, MO 2 cdrs stereo mic->minidisc*
    Burlap to Cashmere

    The Side Door- St. Louis, MO- 4-7-99 mic>minidisc 1cdr

    Bela Fleck & the Flecktones

    The Crest Theater- Sacramento, CA- 8-29, 1997 mic>dat 2cdrs

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    I would love to trade with anyone for live Waterdeep or other such jam bands, ie:Burlap to Cashmere, Bela Fleck...Just email me to set something up. Check back often because I'm getting new shows all the time. I will also do a "b+p", (sending me blanks + postage) Eyes on Him!!
    * shows I've recorded