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Jul 3, 1999

Bushnell, IL Compassion International/ Gallery Stage Cornerstone Music Festival

Disc 1
Sink or Swim
He Will Come
Whenever God Shines His Light
Razor Light->
Razor reprise
Everybody's Guilty
Take Jericho-> jam
Sweet River Roll
(Don Sermonette)
Everyone's Beautiful->
Go Find John
Lonely Sometimes/ Shelter From the Storm/ Lonely
I'm Still Here

Disc 2
Wicked Web
Confessions of a Broken Down Man
Walls & Tall Shadows
Psalm 131
Hush (Jesus Loves Me outro)->
(Sometimes) Step by Step->
You Are So Good To Me->
I Could Sing of Your Love Forever->
Better is One Day->
For the Loving Kindness of The Lord->
I Could Run Away->
Holy & Anointed One->
(Don improv)->
It's Just Like You