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Dec 29, 1999

Kansas City, MO
New Earth Coffeehouse

show 1
He Will Come
Everybody's Guilty
Take Jericho*-> jam->
Don's "I'm Still Here" improv intro->
I'm Still Here
Everone's Beautiful->
Go Find John
(Don sermonette)
Hush-> Jesus Loves Me outro->
You Are so Good to Me

show 2
Wicked Web
Razor Light-> Jesus Wasn't Cool jam->
Gospel Train
Psalm 131
Sweet River Roll
Don sermonette
Lonely Sometimes-> Truth or Dare/ Don improv->
Hush-> I Know That My Redeemer Lives outro->
Lori talking over music->
Since I am so Sick->
Don improv/ Since I am so Sick->
Thy Word**