Well, my opinons may change, but I know my views on things as they are right now. I guess a real controversal subject is the subject of sex with teenagers. And I'm not talking the stale old farts point of view with abstinence and all that. I'm talking about my point of view damnit. I don't know. I have mixed feelings about it at times. I mean, I think sex without love is pointless. But how can you tell the difference really? You gotta do it sometime. Then I think to myself, it's just sex ya know? I just can't stand the people that abuse it like it's nothing. Because I feel it's definitely something. And Yes, I'm a virgin, I guess to some people that makes me uncool, but I think it makes me smart because I'll never look back and regret who I lost it too like most people do. I feel that someone can make their own choice but only if they can live with it. If you don't like my opinion I most certainly respect that, but this is my page of my opinons, views and theories. So there!!

I think I'd like to discuss the recent even of the Timothy McVeigh execution. If you didn't know, he was the Oklahoma City bomber, killed like 128 people or something like that. He will die by lethal injection sometime in May. But, the controversy here is that he wants his execution on national television for everyone to see. Now before you say umm hell no.. think about it. I'm not sure whether I'm against it or not, maybe he just wants his name "out there" again, or maybe it's some sort of symbolic thing, a message to us about something we don't know about. It's really something to ponder over. The only thing that bothers me is that if they put that on TV, then why do they sit here and shit on Eminem and the other artists with "bad lyrics"? I think REAL death on television is far more serious and "inspiring" to psychos than a few swear words in a rap song. Don't you? I guess it boils down to what's right and what's crazy. Timothy McVeigh may be crazy.. MAY be.. We'll never know but do you really wanna see him die with your own eyes?? It's something serious to think about don't you think?

Fred gave me a good topic, this being love. Yes, it's a broad subject and I'm not expert by any means, but here's my opinion. Let's see, I believe love to be every part of you longing to be part of another person and them feeling the same way. I'm not talking physical stuff here either. To me, it's not only caring for someone's feelings, but caring for their soul. I think you should put your all in to love because I think it's what can keep a person going. I really think love is the base of all things. Even in friendship. I think being in love is the greatest thing in the world. I mean, do you think there is any other feeling like it? I think it's about loving someones weaknesses and faults along with their strengths and talents. I don't think you can truly love someone if you judge them. If you hear that saying something like "Love is 2 bodies inhabiting one soul" or whatever, that's what I believe. When I say I love you to someone, I would mean not just YOU but.. everything that comes with you, ya know? I dont' believe anyone can ever truly express what love means to them. Because love is not meant to be described, just felt and cherished.

Something else I'd love to give my opinon on is fake people. (a.k.a. preppies, phonies, wannabes, populars, etc..) I just sit and think and I simply cannot comprehend them. I mean.. everyone knows someone in their school who is just.. FAKE!! I have tried to think of a theory for it, but it's a total mindjob. You see them flitting around with their enormous ego and their big fake smiles and it makes you think "What the FUCK?!?!", ya know? It must be some call for attention or some need to feel important, and that wouldn't bother me but they get everyone else down too. Can't they step back and think they are just people too?? It's almost inhumane. And the incredibly saddening thing is that some will never get over it and go through life stepping all over other people just to make themselves feel better. I used to do that. And I never really felt better, but I was fortunately smart enough to realize my wrongs and undo them. I now am a totally different person and I feel good about myself because of me not bcause someone else said I was. I truly feel sorry for these people because they are the fucked up ones. I think seeing and accepting reality is the coolest thing in the world to do because it makes you real, and I pity them for their misfortune of not seeing it with me.

I guess another good topic to discuss would be friendship. I've seen people who don't have friends, and won't admit it to themselves and it's kinda sad. (like tears sad, not pathetic sad). And I think someone without friends is a very incomplete person. Sure, boyfriends/girlfriends can be great, but you need a shoulder to cry on when everything goes down, and that bf or gf dumps you. Ya know? Real friends tell you the truth but they don't make it hurt as bad. I dunno. Some people become friends with other people for a selfish purpose and abuse the privilege of someone trusting them. Trust a large part of friendship and I've seen too many people let that go. I see all those little ditzy girls in my school running around with their "friends" partying, talking on their cell phones, and every other week they turn against each other and become friends again and the cycles go on. I don't see that as real friendship. I really don't, do you?

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