This is just a page of random and crazy pictures that don't necessarily pertain to anything. Haha, Just check 'em out, some are pretty damn funny!!!!!:)
HAHA! This is a bait shop in Jamestown. But it's still funny. Come on people, laugh.
IGNORE ME! Look at the stuffie! That's Hippobaby. He rocks!!!!!
Well, this is part of the town where I live.. Well, it's downtown actually..:-p
Just another view of the town, going towards my house..
Haha, I took a picture of Julie's dog taking a dump.
This is where I go to school. Let's all jump up and down and clap...NOT!
AWW. My cat is soo cute.
This is my 16th birthday cake. The one my FRIENDS put a tampon in!!!!!!!!
This is a pic of my bro when he was about 16, and me about 2, in his lap.

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