Here are some pictures of me. Some are from past years and some are from this year!!
This is from 2001 homecoming. My mom being extremely clever too a picture of me when I turned around in front of the mirror!!! Hehehe!
Here is a picture of me from sophomore year, just sitting there, with my funny turtle shirt on. Hehe.
Here is a picture of me and my cat. He is licking my nose. Awww.
This is just another crazy picture of me waving at the camera.:-p
This is the 2000 homecoming parade, we had to wear togas cuz we did Hercules and I was one of the Muses. Hehe!
This was a picture taken of me during school last year and I seem to be biting my hand. Haha, Can't u tell I got nooo sleep?
This is a picture of me and amanda before the Valentine's Day dance last year. I'm on the left.
A picture of me after being rudely woken up during study hall last year.
Here is a picture of me driving. OH NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!:-P
Pic of me trying to make out with the camera a couple years ago..The excessive 80's makeup is on purpose here people..
Me flying onto our hotel bed in Quebec in '98

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