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These are some pictures of these super duper neato guys in Maine. Hehehe.. Yeah that sounded gay :) Well... enjoy!!
This is a picture of one of my bestest pals Fred. He is 20. That's about it!! :)
This is a picture of Marc. He is 16. This is supposed to be a threatening picture I think.. DAMN HE'S SEXY!! Growl!
This is Fred and Marc wrestling... ohh they are soo naughty! Haha!
This is another picture of Fred. He's lookin' awwwwful spunky!!
Ooh la la!! Marc doesn't have a shirt on!! :)
Here's another crackhead picture of Freddo!! :P
Here is a picture of Marc with his hat off.. :):):):)
Here is a nice picture of Fred with a mysterious girl with red hair on his back....:P
Here is another picture of Marc. He is standing there. :)