This is just a page about important or interesting news that's going on in my life, or town, or even in the country if I feel the need to put it on here. If your not from my town, you may not get some of the things I put on here so you can just disregard them if you want :-P

I don't really have any important news..

*April 20th, I turned 16 and I'm on the road baby yeah;)Haha, soon I'll be on it BY MYSELF!! AHHH! OH THE HORROR!!!!!*

*Julie's birthday is coming up. Please Vince, Don't tell me what you give her. I can watch porns at home on HBO.*

*Shit, I have no money for Julie's present.*

*Did I mention I hate country music?*

School is out for summer!! Yay, and I passed all my tests!!! WHOO HOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!* *I know this isn't "news", but the new yearbooks came out and I just wanted to put a page of our class on here. Whoopie huh?? (I'm the Lindsay girl;)haha)*