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These are some pictures of me and my friends!!! Some are old, some are new!

This is before the Christmas Ball this year. Hahaha, this is a picture of Julie pretending to do something naughty to Shaun, and me on my knees laughing my ass off.
Haha before the dance we decided to waste film and take dumb pix, and this is me jumping onto Shaun.
Travis came over before the dance and this is a picture of him trying to mount Jul! Hahaha..!
Shaun took this while I was dancing with Travis after we walked out for court. My head looks huge doesn't it? Hahaha, that camera almost blinded me!!
I know you can barely see this, but this is Travis and I walking out for court!! Squint. Haha.
This is my favorite picture ever. From this years homecoming, it's just a group of us after the dance, really tired from putting it together. We look ghetto. Hahahaha.
This is from this years homecoming. It's the same old group! From the left, Julie making a funny face, Shaun, Amanda and Me!
The traditional slut picture. Damn that's scary.
Here is another pic from this years homecoming. Amanda, and me.
This is a picture Amy gave me before they went to the dance. From the left: Amy's piece Marc, Amy, Lindsay, and James (Lindsay's bf). How coot!
Another picture Amy gave me!! This is at the dance. Amy looks like she's been smoking crack. Tee hee!
Amanda's been caught in the act!!!! ;)
Julie on her 16th birthday last June! Hehe I love this picture!
This is Julie pointing at her pop. Kinda funny eh?? This pic is so old I can't remember when it was taken. I'm getting too old for this..
Me and Bree, being freaks the summer before sophomore year!
This is just tradition..Hehe. Don't ask. Just stare.
Here is a picture of Amanda sleeping in study hall last year. Hahaha.
This is also at the Rose Garden. We were waiting for some lady to get there that was taking forever. Haha
Here is a picture of the group of us before the Vday dance last February. It goes Amanda, Me, Bree, Julie and Shaun.
Here is a picture of Amanda outside the Rose Garden (a place we checked out for prom) holding some random stick she found:P
ANOTHER picture from the Rose Garden. Haha, We are getting married!! Err...
This is a picture of me and amy dressing up like 80's freaks on one boring ass day last year.