I don't know if I will make this page available from my site or not so right now this is just available to people I give the URL to... I decided to make a page for my Freddo. I guess it doesn't mean much, but he means a lot to me. He has been the best friend I have ever had. I mean I have Julie, Bree, and all them but I can tell Fred anything..usually;). It's hard to believe I have known this guy for over a year. He has helped me through just about every rough time in my life, and stopped me from making the STUPIDEST mistakes known to man on earth. Without him I'd be a lost, incomplete person. He helped me through the whole "Jake" thing.. coughdouchebagcough. Hehe. I look at my life last year, and my life this year and I am amazed at how much I've matured and how much I've learned about life and I owe most of that to Fred. I owe him a lot of things. He's part of the reason I have self confidence, the reason I have Marc, the reason I have courage to stand up for myself (in certain situations), and one of the only guys I know who will fully argue back with my bitchy ass. I don't know how many times he's told me it was going to be alright, watched out and cared for me. He steered me away from assholes like Tom, I didn't listen and I should have. I never listened until it was too late and he was always right. (Don't let this get your ego toooo big Fred;)) And you are the ONLY guy who openly talks to me about his penis and other things to do with your umm...well your penis:P.

There's no other guy I know that is such a stubborn pain in the ass, but hey I luv ya buddy. I guess he's just one of those guy friends that ever girl has, or needs in her life. The guy that you can put your head on his shoulder and cry and cry and he won't laugh at you until you get snot on his shirt. Sometimes he frightens me when he gets mad or depressed, but I probably scare him too when I start spazzing you or when I'm down. I won't call him my brother cuz he freaking HATES that, but he is definitely my family. He looks out for me and he saves me sometimes. I have looked over this past year and realize he has changed some too, but not a hell of a lot, and that's okay. He's the person in my life I don't want changing. Although sometims he's a jerk to me, or pisses me off, and now matter how often we fight and bitch each other out, he's always my pal and I'll always be there for him sputtering out comments that sometimes don't make sense, but hey, if he cracks a smile then it's worth the humiliation of sounding like an idiot.

We went through a period of time where we went through this phase that we were fighting every day almost every time we talked over everything and it could have cost us our friendship. I don't remember now what caused it all..or maybe I do and I don't want to bring it up but I am so glad that time passed because it was killing me. Just because he is 20 and I am 16 doesn't mean I don't worry about him. Just cuz he's older doesn't mean that he has it all under control. Then again god knows I don't. Hehehe. I guess there's a lot to say about Fred that I can't put into words. He has sacrificed a lot for me, and I don't know if I've sacrificed anything for him, but I tried to help him in his time of need, like this Becky. And I don't like his new girlfriend. Tee hee hee. Just playin' Freddo. He's coming to see me soon and dragging someone totally opposite from him along, which is realllly nice of him. Hehehe. We're gonna sit around and scarf pizza down and watch movies and it's gonna be the GREATEST time of my life because I'll know that I am with someone I fit in and belong with. I LOVE my friends here, but I feel out of place sometimes. I don't know why, but I feel at home with this other group of people. I remember way back when I was being verbally attacked in a chat room, and here comes Fred to my rescue, then I got his AIM name and we started talking and the rest is history. I call our meeting a kind of fate and I'm thank that it happened because I wanna party with this buddy the rest of my life!!

Luv ya pal.