Hey! I went to Nice, Paris, and London, this April (2001). Many crazy things happened I can't explain them all. I finally got all the film developed, so all the pix I'll allow you to see are here. Sorry if it takes awhile to load, there are lots!! Enjoy!!:)


This is the perfect view of Nice and the deep blue sea there. I took that! Isn't that awesome? Hehe:)
Here is a picture of me sniffing a flower rather deeply :-p at the Perfumerie in Nice.
This is a picture of the group of us in Monaco. It goes me, Mrs. Tenhagen, Shaun, and Jen.
Isn't this car kick ass? It was setting outside the Casino Monte Carlo. I wonder who owned that!!!
Hehe. This was sitting in a park in Nice. You are supposed to put in a couple francs and put your dog's crap in it. Cool huh?:-p
Here is a picture of us on some steps. It goes Shaun,Me, Bree, Amanda, and Megan.
This is a picture of Shaun, Me, and Amanda (in that order) outside during the changing of the guard in Nice.
Another picture of Shaun, Me, and Amanda eating looking out at the view of the Med.
Another picture of us in this order: Bree, Cody, Shaun, Me, Jen and Amanda. Shaun is still eating and I'm drinking Orangina, this common type pop in France.
This is just a really good picture of the color of the water there.
This picture is kind of funny because there are two Lindsay's in it.
This is a picture of me and Bree on the beach.
HAHA! This is Julie walking in the Med at like 9 at night. It was FREEZING!!!
Here is us swimming. We were CRAZY! It was so cold. From the left it goes:Me, Shaun, Bree, Jenny and Kristin
HAHAHAHA! This is a picture of Amanda humping a bidet. It was a dare, she's not that perverted people.
Awwww How touching. Haha, this is just me and Jul after we went to the beach.
Don't mind our bright hair, that was like 2 seconds after we dyed it, plus we were TIRED. Hahaha.
Here is a picture of me and bree and Julie. They did my hair in pigtail braids so that's why I look odd. Well, more odd than usual.


Ha, No we didn't get drunk there, but the hotel accidentally left our minibar unlocked so I took a picture of all the goods.
I went crazy on Bree with the silly string. :-D
If you don't know what this is, get help.
Here is us in front of the Louvre, which we never actually got to go into.
Here is the entire group in front of the chateau Versailles. If you can find me, I'll give you $5.
Here is me and Julie undoubtedly doing something stupid.
Just me undoubtedly doing something stupid.
That's fucking funny.
Look what they did to me!!!!!!!!!!


It's all aboot Austin Powers baby.
I am SOOOO airborne!! Hahaha!
Cute, eh?
That was sooo cool!! All the ppl in there sang to me!
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I think that's about it!! Scary, isn't it?

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