These are some pictures of my cousin Amanda and my other friends from Falconer. Those who don't live in NY don't know what Falconer is, Haha. Oh well. Anyway, these people are AWESOME!!!!! And I mean awesome.

This is a picture of us getting one of those funny pix in the mall a LONG time ago. The lower left is Cody (not my neighbor), then Amanda, Then me covering my face, then Tom in the upper left, and Shannon in the lower right. Hehe
Awww, It's my bootiful cousin Amanda!!! What a sexy bitch!
Here is a picture of Steve, Stephanie, and Amanda. Stephanie enjoys long walks and getting high off Dr. Pepper. Steve here is the FUNNIEST prank caller in the HISTORY of prank calls. HAHAHA.
Here is I'm guessing rather old picture of Amanda. Now she has bright red hair and crazy blue contacts!! Hehe anyway I thought this was cuuuuteeee! Hehe
Here is the FUNNIEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN. On Amanda's page, she has this "Coincidence, I think not!" HAHAHAHA! Guess you have to know Steve. Tee hee hee. Too funny.
Here is a picture of my cousin and Tom slow dancing at their homecoming in 2000.
Here is a picture of Cody (not my neighbor, she's female), and Tom waiting for us to get ready to go to the limo.
This is Steve and Stephanie at the dance. We were waiting for the damn DJ for half the dance so it kind of sucked.
This is Shannon and Stephanie. Yahoo!:-pI don't know. There they are and stuff.
This is a picture of me, Tom, and Amanda. I think that was just after my contact got shoved up into my eye. That really sucked.

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