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These are some black and white photos made in the photography lab. My friend Amy is in the class, and I'm not, but she taught me how to develop the film in the darkroom. So these are pictures I developed. It's harder than it looks!!!!
This is a pic of me in a stairwell at school. Yes, I know it's fuzzy, but life's a bitch & im not a photography expert!!
This is a pic of my best friend julie..looking kinda cocky..that bitch.. :-P
This is a pic of me in the car. . .
This glove fell like this and we just haaaad to take a picture of it.. HAHA! :)

This is REALLY blurry I know, but it's me and Julie pretending we are pissing on the school....Creative huh?? :P
This is me right after I woke up with poofy ass hair!! And holding a remote...hehe...i dunno!!
This is me sticking my tongue out at my friend Travis!! He doesn't know though....Hehehe
Eh, I know this looks bad. But I'm pretending to make out with my hand to scare my friend.