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Well, first off, My name is Lindsay, if you didn't pick that up from the whole 'Lindsay's Ass Kicking Page' thing. I'm 16..I live in a small ass town surrounded by other small ass towns in the middle of butt fuck egypt(western New York). I am really not that interesting. I was born in Peoria, Illinois, lived in Crystal Lake, Illinois, which is a suburb of Chicago..'til I was 10. Then I moved here and the rest is history. I have a brother, he is 30 now.. but I don't hear from him too often. I have a cluster of really good friends which I am grateful to have. I am going into my junior year and I'm happy for that. I can't wait to get out of high school and go onto college and become independent. I guess in so many words you could say I don't like people wiping my ass.

Speaking of asses, I have a cat. He is really really really cute. But he licks his ass too much. Just for your information. Gettin of track now.. anyway, I guess to find out what type of person I am you would have to talk to me. I am very open minded and I try to be nice to everyone. I went through a period in my life where I was not so compassionate and I am tryin to make up for that now. I like to hear about people's lives..and wonder about what it's like for them. I guess that sounds wierd but it's interesting to me.

Hmmm what do I like in a guy?? Well...I have made mistakes in my past with guys...but what I know I like is someone that respects me. Someone that actually wants to know about who and what I am. I suppose I want them to be slightly physically attractive, loving, caring, SENSE OF HUMOR is SO important. I want someone who can act like a dork in front of me and NOT care...someone who randomly picks me a flower or surprises me with something. Someone that tries not to judge people (because we all have), and somebody who will stand up for me. I want a guy who doesn't use or abuse me, and someone that isn't afraid to get into his Mom's car with a pink stuffed animal I gave him. I guess all you girls think "Ha, he doesn't exist!". Well that's wrong because he does, cuz I have him.

I don't like liars, cheats, drug addicts, jocks (that are jerks), preppy/populars who think they are all that, a bag of chips and a bag of M&M's, people that won't listen, and won't forgive, and most of all...FAKES!!!! (This also comes under the preppy/popular catagory). Far as music goes I'll listen to pretty much anything...well except country. I like mostly alternative, and recently started listenin to rap more (Thanks Marc!), and some stuff I like just cuz you can dance to it. I am starting to get sick of hearing people/groups that don't write their own music (BSB, Britney Spears), and we're supposed to feel sooooo grateful and cheer when one of them writes their own song. It's dumb if you ask me.

I guess you can see from here I can be kind of cynical. I'll admit I'm a glass half empty type of person, that's just who I am, but that doesn't mean I walk around with this mean look on my face and trip little kids or something. I just always try to face reality and look at things the way they are, which doesn't always work because I have a huge imagination. Oh well. I think that's all I can think of right now, but please check out the site and sign the guestbook if you get a chance. I love hearing from you!! So I'll put random things on here about myself and whatnot, have a nice day!!!!

~My Personality according to
Critic You're complex and thoughtful. You look beneath the surface. You're good at chess (or would be if you played). Pondering deep thoughts sounds better to you than going out on the town. But you can be so critical and introspective that even positive qualities can seem like faults. The truth is that you have a very perceptive, gentle spirit. You carry quite a few burdens on those little shoulders of yours. Sometimes the world seems so gloomy that you just want to crawl up in your cozy bed and sleep it off. That shy nature of yours means you like to be alone watching romantic comedies, preferably ones starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. Chances are you hate arguing and other tense situations, which can leave you feeling helpless and confused. But there's a part deep inside you that's aching to make some serious bucks. You just need to figure how to go out and grab it. You hate chaos at work and prefer a structured environment. You avoid co-workers who talk loudly or brandish sharp objects. Sometimes you feel undervalued by your boss, but everyone notices your motivation and talent. You wish you dressed snappier. But you're an original thinker, and people will respect your judgments once they get to know you.
Well it says I'm like 18% of the world!! Not the majority. YES!!
"Mr. Chinese Delivery Man, we salute you."