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KCAR Launch Report: May Sport Launch and Spring Fling

Launch date and time: May 19, 2007 at 10:00AM to 5:00PM
Launch location: Shawnee Mission Park, KS (field B)
Launch wind and weather: Mild

There were no clustered or staged flights.

Flight Log
Flier Rocket Motor(s) Comments
1 Tim Burger Alpha A8-3 Spot Landing
2 Dave Lucas Birdie 1/4A3-3T Spot Landing
3 Tim Burger Hawk A3-4T Test flight
4 Dave Bucher Spot Max B4-2 Spot Landing
5 Tim Burger A-PD A3-4T Parachute Duration
6 Blake goddard Baby Bertha A8-3 Spot Landing
7 Randall Jessee Spool 2-oz B6-4 Spot Landing
8 Elise Jessee Spool 1-oz A10-3T For fun
9 Blake Goddard Quest Harpoon C6-3 OK flight despite weathercock
10 Elise Jessee R2-D2 A10-3T
11 Blake Goddard Orbital Transport A8-3 Maiden flight — needs more motor
12 Elise Jessee Skywriter C6-5
13 Mike Schmidt Full Moon A8-3 Spot Landing
14 Bob Wingate Area 51 UFO B6-0 Spot Landing
15 Blake Goddard Orbital Transport A8-3
16 Mike Schmidt X-Wing B6-2
17 Tim Burger Big Tangent D15-4 No ’Chute; no damage
18 Tim Burger Hawk A3-4T Streamer Duration; no streamer; 31.69 & 31.68S
19 Dave Lucas F-Bomb(LD) D12-3
20 Elise Jessee MK-109 C6-5
21 Tim Burger Hawk A3-4T Duration; good; 40.0 & 39.0S
22 Blake Goddard Fritz Timer A8-3 Duration
23 David Lucas A-SD A3-4T
24 Mike Schmidt A-SD A8-3
25 Tim Burger Eggcetera D12-5 41.9S
26 Johnny Chrome Dome B6-4
27 Randall Jessee Maverick D12-5
28 Hannah Burger Sabrina A8-3
29 Dave Bucher A Streamer Max A3-4T Lost!
30 Johnny Chorme Dome C6-5
31 David Lucas FSI Orbit B6-6
32 Tim Burger Eggcetera D12-5 Chute didn’t open — egg survived!
33 Hannah Burger Sabrina A8-3
34 Craig Rutherford Trebuchet D12-5
35 Bob Wingate A-SD A3-4T
36 Hannah Burger Sabrina A8-3
37 Randall Jessee Gnome A10-3T A streamer duration
38 Hannah Burger Sabrina A8-5
39 Dave Bucher Streamer A3-4T
40 Alan Shaffmaster Spot Landing A8-3
41 David Lucas Hang 10 Jr. A3-4T
42 Johnny Chrouie Doure C6-5
43 Randall Jessee Phoenix D12-7
44 Dave Bucher D egglofter D12-5
45 Dave Lucas D Eggloft D12-5
46 Johnny Chrome Dome C6-5
47 Cory Spitfire D12-5
48 Tim Burger Big Tangent D15-4
49 Alan Shaffmaster D Eggloft D12-5
50 Johnny Chrome Dome C6-5
51 Tim Burger Hawk A3-4T Altitude
52 Bob Wingate D Eggloft D12-5
53 Dave Bucher A Alt. A3-4T Unstable
54 Dave Bucher A Alt. A3-4T Track lost
55 Dave Lucas A Alt. A3-4T
56 Dave Lucas A Alt. A3-4T

Flights by Rocketeers
Flights Rocketeer(s)
Tim Burger
Dave Bucher
Dave Lucas
Hannah Burger
Blake Goddard
Elise Jessee
Randall Jessee
David Lucas
Mike Schmidt
Bob Wingate
Alan Shaffmaster
Blake goddard
Craig Rutherford
Rockets Making Multiple Flights:
Flights Rocket Rocketeer
4 Sabrina Hannah Burger
Hawk Tim Burger
3 Chrome Dome Johnny
2 A Alt. Dave Bucher
Big Tangent Tim Burger
Orbital Transport Blake Goddard
A Alt. Dave Lucas
Totals by motor:
Motor Number
1/4A3 1 0.59
Total 1/4A’s: 1 0.59
A10 3 6.00
A3 14 31.08
A8 12 27.84
Total A’s: 29 64.92
B4 1 4.29
B6 5 21.65
Total B’s: 6 25.94
C6 7 61.74
Total C’s: 7 61.74
D12 11 185.24
D15 2 37.92
Total D’s: 13 223.16
Total: 56 376.35 (I)

May Contest Results
Contest Data is unofficial!

Open Spot Landing (C Division)
Place Flier Rocket Result Score
First Randall Jessee Spool 1/2-ounce 8M 40
Second Alan Shaffmaster Spot Landing 8M 40
Third Blake Goddard Big Bertha 17M 24
Fourth David Lucas Birdie 27M 16
Fifth Bob Wingate Area 51 UFO 27M 16
Sixth Mike Schmidt Full Moon 31M 4
Seventh Tim Burger Alpha 66M Far 4
Eighth Dave Bucher Spot Max DQ (Separation) 0
Open Spot Landing (A Division)
Place Flier Rocket Result Score
First Hannah Burger Sabrina 10M *
* Hannah, being a non-NAR member, was running for prizes only
A Streamer Duration
Place Flier Rocket Result Score
First Bob Wingate A-SD 1:20.505S 80
Second David Lucas Hang Ten Jr. 1:15.48S 48
Third Tim Burger Hawk 1.11.795S 32
Fourth Dave Bucher Streamer 40.70S 16
Fifth Randall Jessee Gnome 23.245S 8
Sixth Blake Goddard Fritz Timer 14.735S DQ (Ejected Motor) 0
Seventh Mike Schmidt A-SD 11.78S DQ (Ejected Motor) *
* Mike, being a non-NAR member, was running for prizes only
A Altitude (WF=10)
Place Flier Rocket Result Points
First David Lucas A Alititude 325M 100
Second Tim Burger Hawk 188M 60
Third Randall Jessee
176M 40
Fourth Dave Bucher
Track Lost 10
Note: 150 Meter baseline
D Egg Loft Duration (WF=17)
Place Flier Rocket Result Score
First David Lucas D Eggloft 1:12.735S 170
Second Alan Shaffmaster D Eggloft 1:01.78S 102
Third Tim Burger Eggcetera 42.09S 68
Fourth Bob Wingate D Eggloft 52.06S (DQ No Return) 17
Fifth Dave Bucher D Egglofter (DQ Separation) 0
Standings (NAR)
Place Flier NAR Points
First David Lucas 334
Second Tim Burger 164
Third Alan Shaffmaster 142
Fourth Bob Wingate 113
Fifth Randall Jessee 88
Sixth Dave Bucher 26
Seventh Blake Goddard 24

Submitted by Tim Burger NAR 78486 L1

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